Wine Enthusiast Wine Cooler Beeping

Wine Enthusiast Wine Cooler Beeping

Wine Enthusiast Wine Cooler Beeping is the world’s top-class refrigerator product in the world, a built-in refrigerator, wine cooler and wine cellar as well as beer dispensers. With black will give the impression of sturdy and very elegant, with a glass in front that can show the entire contents of Wine Enthusiast Wine Cooler Beeping. Can be placed only because the size is not so large. Also easy to place on the table, in the corner of the room near the kitchen rack or near your refrigerator.

Wine Enthusiast Wine Cooler Beeping has a very easy to operate temperature settings. Has six racks that can hold 18 bottles with a total capacity of 85 liters with a dimension P455xL510xT676Mm. It has 82 watt electrical and official warranty tones from GEA.

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